my cat scratches me occasionally.
my ukulele sounds crapish occasionally.
my camera doesn't show its pictures occasionally.
which is basically everything what anyone should ever need to know about me. including my future employer, bank and ophtamologist. except my future husband, he should know about my ever-lasting love for riccota cheese.
  • To all of my fellow Jewvians (Jewish Whovians)…


    L’shanah tovah!


    (Happy new year!)

    a kippah can only make a man hotter. proof?

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  • really? you can do this?

    I just pray there is like one other Jewish person in the university and I don’t even count on it.

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  • blardenfrazifonochip:


    Converts are Jews.

    Converts are Jews.

    Converts are Jews.

    Converts are Jews

    Here’s a list of other people who are Jewish:

    Patrilineal Jews
    Matrilineal Jews
    Atheist Jews
    Theist Jews
    Humanistic Jews
    Orthodox Jews
    Reform Jews
    Conservative Jews
    Reconstructionist Jews
    Jewish Renewalists
    Anti Zionist Jews
    Zionist Jews
    Pro Israel Jews
    Anti Israel Jews
    Pro Palestine Jews
    Jewish POC
    North African (Sephardic) Jews
    Middle Eastern (Mizrahi) Jews

    Anyone want to add to this list?

    yes please

    Secular Jews
    Cultural Jews
    Religious Jews
    "Ah-Whatever, But Jews Are Fun To Party With" Jews
    Jews educated in judaism
    Jews not educated in judaism
    people who werent born Jewish but grew up in a Jewish environment

    and many many many more. frankly, it’s often more of an issue that converts don’t appreciate the richness of the Jewish world than that the Jewish world wouldn’t accept them. (speaking as a Central/Eastern European Patrilineal Jew)

    (via progressivejudaism)

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  • never mind the Polish Jew

    I met a gorgeous guy and I wasn’t even capable of talking naturally

    it feels good.

  • haven’t been here in a while


    short report. I have successfully finished my highschool education and I am already at university. mathematics it is!

    I have been a camp counselor. 12 days, 10 children aged 7-9, possibly everything non-positive that could have happened, happened.

    a boy who I have been slightly flirting with (a.k.a. Polish Jew) for the first half of the year is behaving beyond weird. I am confused and angry.

    see ya, szia and talk to you soon!

  • is it fun to sit at the BBC office and put up gifs to tumblr the moment it the scene goes on TV?

    I bet it must be fun.

    (Source: bbcone)

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  • get-to-know-cz:


    && we all died of laughter!!!!

    …so that’s why people think Czechs are rude

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  • akeppleaday:

    I can’t imagine why Google prefers their FIFA World Cup Doodles over my well-researched one. Oh well, their loss I guess.

    (via culvercreekprankmaster)

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  • hey fellow Whovians!

    I am enormously excited that not only will the 12th Doctor land in August, I will be there to wittness it. well, almost. coincidentally I am planning a trip to London in August, so I will be in the UK for the premiere and watch it on BBC.

    however, I have no idea if I have a TV in my accommodation and besides - my friends don’t appreciate DW. so I am wondering, if we have such a big a lively fandom, there must be someone in London that wants to share their TV and have a Whovian company that will cry, yell, laugh, well, basically whatever emotion Moffat will want us to have and talk about the Doctor and enjoy. 

    I am looking forward to it. message me if you want to share your couch for that fantastic evening. thanks you all!!

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